None of us would argue that time doesn’t exist. It just may not exist as we think it does. We can’t go to the future, and we can’t go to the past. There is change, but we are always here. Are well stuck in time? #shortfilm2018 #indianfilmproject #stuckintime

Cast – Naman bhati , nabanita roy & sanju
Screenplay – Vancha pandey
Cinmatographer – Lalit(LALG)
Writers – kunal lamba , vancha pandey , krishna yadav , gaurav sharma , rashid khan & cheema saab
Asst directors team – Shehzade salam , vaibhav & vishal
Cinematographers team – lavish bansal , anubhav verma , dipak roy & vinita
Makeup & production dep. – Anu musahari , sanju , ranjan kumar , vinita & monish gandhi
Lighting team – Lavish bansal , vishal , Anubhav verma & dipak roy
Dubbing – Sharanya srivastav
Editors – Gurmeet singh , monish gandhi & rashid khan
Associate director – Cheema saab
Chief asst director – Rashid khan
Produced by – Vancha pandey & team
Directed by – Kunal lamba
special thanks – Megha goel

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  1. Very Honest Review- According to me u r Trying to touch Imtiaaz Ali & Christopher Nolan…but failed..totally
    Thr is no wow moment, Thr is no charm it just ok…..
    Expect more from u guys..!
    Thr is no shine in ur video I mean…Kya dikhana chahate ho ye samajh Aya but.. share Karne k liye. Excitement 0 thi…
    Bhai don't offend ok….
    Choose one stuff and only focus on it.. jaise comedy or logical short film ya fir kuch aur lakin ek tarah ka….I m not demotivating u..🧐😉


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